Technical Business Strategy
How can we get the greatest business value utilizing Information Technology? Why are my IT systems not capable handing my changing business needs? Why do I have multiple investments in IT systems that do more or less the same function? Do my financial systems have the controls in place to be Sarbanes-Oxley compliant? When will I finally pass a IT audit?... We have the expertise to answer these and many other questions.
Enterprise Architecture
Do you have systems and business processes that need to be documented? Does people across various organizations know what impact there actions may have on the enterprise. You may not have any clue how things are actually being done since noone bothered to write it down, or did so decades ago. Let us come in, with the latest methodologies including TOGAF, FEA, DODAF. You have to know what you are doing today or improve it tomorrow
Technical Project Management
Have a technology project with huge cost overruns? Missed the Production date by 3 month? 2 years? There's an unending stream of user bugs? System is on its knees with huge loads? The cause of issues could be at any level, from management to methodology to developer skill set. Having successfully turned out many projects we can quickly diagnose the problem and have it resolved sometimes in a matter of weeks
Single Source Services
In the market for a specialized skill set? In our experience the best people are always very well employed. Our strategy follows bringing in the right person for the job so they the issue may be resolved in a timely manner. We don’t waste the clients time and money bringing in mismatched resources Our seasoned experts know the job and are in and out as quickly as possible saving our clients money as well as delivering a better solution.
Technology Evaluation
Need somebody to guide you through the Buzz Word Jungle? Technology changes are rapid and keeping up with them is expensive and time consuming usually leading to dissatisfied users, disruption in business with direct consequences to the bottom line. Our experts can differentiate fads from true innovations and can help you select the right technology and architecture in order to maximize future-proofing your IT investments.
Application Modernization
Typing on a Green Screen? or a ugly gray form? Our expert staff of ex-Oracle Forms developers and Java Experts can help you convert your existing Oracle Forms Applications to Java. Whether its a handful of database objects or thousands. We know what it takes to convert complex UIs to intuitive web based interfaces. We leverage the latest technologies including JSF/AJAX, Oracle ADF/BC4J. Help us help you, please, together we can get out of the 20th century.